Tuesday, 10 January 2012

History - Bluetooth temp sensor

I really liked the idea of deploying some sensors around my home to record data. I started by skipping ahead in my ARDX kit and completing the temperature sensor example.

With this complete, I modified the example to log multiple readings at a fixed rate and store the values into an array in memory.

As an aside, the Bluetooth module which I used has a great interface. There are 4 pins. 2 pins plug into PWR/GND. The other two pins act as Serial RX/TX pins. Normally you would plug the Bluetooth module into pins 0/1 which are part of the Arduino's hardware serial support. Instead, I decided to use pins 2/3 on the Arduino. This is possible thanks to the SoftwareSerial library.

With the Bluetooth module connected, I added code to regularly check for an incoming message and respond with a dump of the saved readings. This is what the completed circuit looks like.

The complete code for my Bluetooth temp sensor is available here.

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