Tuesday, 10 January 2012

History - Intro

This blog is going to act as my work log as I get to grips with Arduino and the various electronics projects which I am working on.

This post and the next few which are titled History give the details of what I have done between getting my Arduino and when I started this blog.

In November 2011 I got an ARDX starter kit from my wonderful wife. I quickly started by building the first two LED control projects:

At the same time I also got a Bluesmirf Silver Bluetooth module. This is a through hole component so I needed to solder some wires to it to enable me to plug it into my breadboard.

The results can be seen here - this is the top.

This is the view from the bottom including my half-decent soldering.

With this soldered up, and my PC equipped with Bluetooth, I was able to get started with my first project.

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